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We Do Digital Right.

We do digital well - Website Development, E-commerce Stores, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Digital Content, Digital Design.

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Selecting the best channels and techniques to promote your business online can be tricky with so many options available to marketers. We don’t all have the digital budgets of large corporations, and that makes things even harder… Fortunately we can help you get great value for your marketing spend. How do we do this?

Our included service.

Custom Web Dev.

We take great pride in servicing SME’s as well as JSE listed companies with everything digital from a simple static site to large custom e-commerce portals, integrated with state of the art loyalty programmes built in-house.

We are also the largest retail digital provider in South Africa, and with ongoing innovation, development and passion, we deliver world quality platforms to shopping centres throughout South Africa and abroad…



We have integrated with majority of the payment gateways and a variety of logistic solution providers.

We help brands and shops get online, promote their products through omni-channel marketing and get their business out there.

Let’s look at your needs and find the best platform and base to get you started. We can also provide you with strategic insights and advice to make your online store a success.


App Development.

We can custom-build, design and develop, test, deploy and optimise the app of your dreams, while you grow your business.

FGX specialise in Android and iPhone app development. We use the latest technology for each project to ensure the best possible functionality and ease of use.


Dashboard Panels.

Information & insights right at your fingertips! We can create custom dashboards to host system critical information in real-time. Whether you need to conduct an audit or track and report on a project - spare the unnecessary meetings, view all the key insights in one place and make data-driven decisions.


Integrated Systems.

We specialise in integrating systems with custom build frameworks that integrate with your current business and process. During the last few years, we have integrated with Nedbank, Clicks, Vodacom, and many others to exchange data securely through RESTful API's.


CMS Development.

We have our own CMS to increase security measures and to ensure it’s tailored to your requirements. With the rise in cybercrime, it’s better to check the locks yourself than to rely on a template-based platform that’s easy to crack.

Our CMS development services offer easy use and maintenance, full support, and quick implementation.


Online Reputation Management.

Social Media, an exceptionally powerful tool, more so in this “new normal” than ever...

We don’t believe in vanity metrics. What we treasure instead is real audience interaction. Moving your fans enough to engage with your brand to a point of increased loyalty and trust. This is the score card we play with.


Social Listening.

By combining intelligent social listening tools, expert desktop research skills, and intuition based on industry expertise, we develop key insights, strategies, and solutions for your brand.

From tracking a brand crisis on social media to preparing your communication strategy for the year ahead, we can customise the data to suit your needs.


Influencer Marketing.

People like people. That’s why we create and implement creative influencer marketing strategies to grow your brand at scale and reach its full potential.

We match the perfect person to elevate your brand, product or service in a manner that feels natural and relevant.


Personalised Video.

Easily engage with your audience on a truly personal level and at scale. Customised, personalised and unique!

Engage customers at any stage of their lifecycle. Support any marketing and sales campaign - from on-boarding through acquisition to up-selling.



It all comes down to ‘work smart, not hard’, and that is exactly the key benefit SEO and SEM services offer.

Knowing how and where your audience is looking for you online is half the job, the other half is just making sure you’re speaking their language and showing up as a result.


Content Production & Communities.

We strategise and create content plans that suit our clients and more importantly, that resonate with their customers.

From planning calendars, managing the approval process, and hitting the ‘post’ button, to reporting on the performance, we value every step of the process.


Turning your ideas into successful businesses.

From bold thinking to market-leading companies, we can help you get there.


We design for the digital space. With so much clutter and noise out there, it’s worth stepping up...

Enrich your brand’s status with top-end creative, defining your purpose clearly, inspiring your audience to act.


User Experience Design.

Through creative and technical insights, we help you create a user experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Focused on the latest trends, human behaviour and convenience, explore how your brand can be elevated with proper UX design.


User Interface Design.

We follow and apply the latest design principles to create an experience that will keep them coming back for more.


Digital Marketing.

Marketing from the 'good old days' has passed away. We use new technology and techniques to get you sales.


Strategies (B2B & B2C).

Every good brand or campaign execution starts with a great plan. We plot your position in the market compared to your opposition, from where we make educated descisions that helps your business grow and flourish.