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  • FGX, your digital design agency.
    Digital design is more than just creating pretty pictures. At FGX, we design with the digital channel in mind. Animation, interactive pages for touch screens and 3D virtual reality models are only some of the exciting projects we take on.
  • Think bigger picture...
    As a creative digital agency, we work with the latest design trends, tools and elements to drive innovation in content consumption. The future is motion, video and visual and we can help you visualise your business.
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Top Digital Design Agency.

For digital and design expertise you can trust, we invite you to share your vision with us and we’ll guide you towards the best solutions. Our passion is to create the perfect visual and linguistic experience that drives a remarkable digital story. As human beings, we're hard-wired to pay attention to and understand storytelling. And this applies to designing for all areas of communication, including brand identities, professional websites, and our favourite, video content. We design for all platforms.

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From UI & UX to social templates and infographics, every element is an opportunity to capture your brand's presence and purpose, while helping you put your best business foot forward.

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When we design for a brand, we encapsulate its story, vision, mission and values, through a unique corporate identity and brand voice guide. We can help you make your mark and rock your industry.

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